The Craft Room

The Craft Room

The Craft Room Story

Ms. Nour Ali was able to turn her love of sewing into a personal project after she realized her passion for the craft and got the idea to pursue it. She bought some fabrics and decided to sew them with simple patterns to be used at home. Her designs became highly successful among friends and neighbors, and she then decided to turn sewing and crafts into her own small business which she names "The Craft Room"

Ms. Nour makes embroidered products and goods that include bags and hats, as well as home decor and accessories, all made from Sadu cloth that represents the Bedouin culture.

Ms. Nour creates elegant handmade objects with distinctive and unique shapes despite the simplicity of the materials and equipment she employs in her work. And she does not find it tough in her work since all she needs is a sewing machine to design and stitch the products, as well as scissors to prepare the final design of it. The work pressure and time required to prepare the items are determined by the quantity and number of orders that need to be processed.

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