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Care & Aroma

Care & Aroma Story

Care & Aroma, is a project founded by Mrs. Salam Al-Biridy with the mission of manufacturing natural and effective cosmetics while also being mindful of the environment.

Although the beginning of Care & Aroma was limited only to family members and friends, Mrs. Salam was surprised to see the fantastic response from the people around her, who were more than happy to have access to 100% natural, quality products. With this support, Mrs. Salam decided to launch her project on social media to maintain a wider reach.

As the store is specialized in providing products that offer both the needed skincare and the aromatic fragrance, Mrs. Salam decided that "Care & Aroma" is the best way to describe and promote her project.

Mrs. Salam creates body care products, medical soaps, and candles, and soon plans to launch a hair care package using natural ingredients without any chemicals. These ingredients include natural butter (shea, mango,...), natural oils, essential oils, herbal extracts, vitamins, soap soda, soy waxes, beeswax, emulsifiers, and many more.

Make sure to give your skin the needed treatment by purchasing Care & Aroma all-natural skin care products available now at Souq Fann!

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