Candles by Razan

Candles by Razan

Candles by Razan Story

Mrs. Razan Raslan is a talented craftswoman who practiced multiple handicrafts from a very young age. She was also passionate about candles, and owned her candle collection at home. One day Mrs. Razan decided to make the candles she loved at home, a step that later led her to establish a project specialized in making aromatic candles which she called Candles by Razan.

By using natural soy wax, oil fragrances, and special colors, Candles By Razan offers a range of scented candles that come in attractive shapes and colors distinguished by their long-lasting scents.

According to Mrs. Razan, manufacturing candles at home is a challenging process, as it depends on the shape and size of the candle and the technique used in its production. While the production stages are as follows:

  • Melting soy wax over water vapor.

  • Adding the oil fragrance after the wax is all melted.

  • Pouring the white wax into the mold, then the colored wax to form a beautiful marble design.

Joining Souq Fann, Mrs. Razan believes that this is a great way to showcase her innovations to a larger group of people and as a step to building a market for her handmade products.

At Candles by Razan, Mrs. Razan is keen to offer high-quality products at prices that suit everyone. 

Accent your home and enjoy the beautiful aromas of Candles by Razan Scented Candles, now available on Souq Fann!

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Handmade Scented Marble Candles