Beadsidejo Story

Allia's love for macramé began with her mother's passion for crafting. Her mother had an old book filled with macramé knots and designs, which intrigued Alاia. She started learning the art of macramé from her mother and turned it into a business when their relatives and friends began to admire their creations. Their handmade macramé accessories ranged from keychain hangers and mirrors to Macrame Crochet Hooks, all with intricate patterns and a bohemian touch that added charm to homes, cars, and keys.

Allia and her mother decided to add beads to their macramé designs to make them stand out. They named their business "Beadsidejo" to reflect this unique addition.

Each piece they created required a different amount of time. A stunning macramé mirror took about two days to complete, while crafting keychains only took about 30 minutes per piece. The intricate macramé baskets required approximately two hours of meticulous work.

However, their business faced a challenge since they needed an offline store. Customers could only inspect the high quality of their products after making a purchase.

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Where Threads and Beads Weave Magic