Brri Story

Brri's Beginnings

The "Brri" project was initiated with generous funding from the Dutch Embassy in Jordan and is overseen by the "Partners for Good" organization. It is a community partnership project aimed at fostering tourism development in Jordan, supporting women in the local community of Ma'an, and empowering them economically to benefit their families.

The "Brri" project offers a range of locally sourced wild herbs, including chamomile, sage, wormwood, yarrows, wild thyme, germanders, and more. These herbs are carefully collected and harvested by women from the Ma'an governorates during the appropriate harvest seasons.

Furthermore, the Brri Project goes beyond herb sales by crafting healthy herbal juices, including "Kombucha" juice, which is created exclusively from natural herbs without any synthetic additives. Additionally, the project prioritizes the use of eco-friendly and recyclable materials in packaging all of its products.

You can now explore and purchase Brri's products from Souqfann.

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