Astjra Art

Astjra Art

Astjra Art Story

Mrs. Asmaa Khresat has always chosen to wear clothing embellished with her exquisite hand drawings. When others around her would inquire about these items, she would respond that they are one-of-a-kind that cannot be found anywhere else in the world since they include her designs.

As a result of the constant positive feedback she was receiving about her artistic designs, Mrs. Asmaa decided to launch her brand, "Astjra Art," a shop that offers one-of-a-kind pieces with unrepeated designs, therefore, items that people would want to own.

The "Astjra Art" shop specializes in offering a variety of goods, including shoes, clothes, tote bags, and bookmarks, that are accented with the finest artisan drawings of an exceptional charm that most people enjoy.

Look through the "Astjra Art" products offered now on Souq Fann and let them adorn your various looks with their exquisite creative details!

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Daily Used Items with the Most Exquisite Hand-Pain