Art by SamarI

Art by SamarI

Art by SamarI Story

After being forced to stay at home, Samar felt the need to pursue a personal project that could occupy her time and bring in some extra income. So, she decided to take the leap and establish her own project, "Art by Samar A," which offers a variety of unique art pieces and paintings to decorate spaces and homes.

With acrylic and paste colors, Samar creates stunning paintings that are either two-dimensional or have tangible three-dimensional dimensions, adding a special touch to any space they are placed in.

Samar takes her time with each piece, and creating just one artwork can take up to five continuous days of work to complete.

When asked about the challenges she faces, Samar explained that she truly enjoys her work and doesn't encounter any significant obstacles. However, she sometimes struggles with coming up with new ideas, which requires her to stay open to new and unconventional concepts.

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