First Steps of "Al-badawi Art"

While being away from his country, Muhammad Al-badawi, spent his time practicing his hobby of making wooden products he needs in his daily life abroad. When he came back home, he decided to turn his hobby into a business that generates income for him. So he started by promoting his products via social media platforms. At first, he was working in his house but after about 6 months he opened his own workshop in the industrial area.

As for the products he made, he started with some seasonal ones, such as Ramadan and holiday decorations, then he discovered a shortage in kids' room supplies and decorations, so he decided to fill this gap by establishing "Al-Badawi Art" store to meet the market needs of these items.

Challenges Faced By "Al-Badawi Art"

One of the biggest challenges facing "AL-Badawi" is the inability to sufficiently reach the target group that appreciates art and handmade products, but according to Muhammad, being part of Souqfann helped overcome this challenge and come closer to achieving his goal to reach bigger markets and clients.

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Beautiful wooden handmade decorations