Alaa'a Qaddah

Alaa'a Qaddah

Alaa'a Qaddah Story

Alaa Kaddah is a skilled artist who paints on canvases and prefers to showcase her abilities by sketching beautiful landscapes.

Mrs. Alaa's artistic ability extends beyond just painting on canvas; with her skillful hands, she beautifully paints on tiles and mugs and even embellishes pottery with her personally-designed patterns.

Mrs. Alaa creates all types of artistic paintings, and after carefully choosing the theme, she begins implementing it directly on a canvas using charcoal, various types of colors (oil colors, wood colors, etc.), drawing papers, lacquer oil, etc, until the painting appears in its final look that showcases the most beautiful landscape.

Choose one of Mrs. Alaa Kaddah's paintings, available now on Souq Fann, to add a pop of color to your home walls!

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Canvas Paintings with a Special Artistic Flair