Zaghloul the Puppet

Zaghloul the Puppet

Zaghloul the Puppet Story

"Zaghloul the Puppet" is an educational initiative launched to enrich the Arabic content and to provide a fun and entertaining educational experience for children.

"Zaghloul the Puppet" came to life during the Covid-19 pandemic when Mrs. Sahar Medardas felt that the content provided to her children was not of the required educational level, so she created the character of “Al-Shater Zaghloul”; a puppet with an enthusiastic personality who tells kids from the ages of 3 to 6 about the most essential values in our Middle Eastern society with an easy fun way that helps to develop their skills.

Through this initiative, Mrs. Sahar presents live puppet shows in addition to the “Al-Shater Zaghloul” series, ensuring that each activity has meaningful and educational content for children.

"The Autumn Story" is one of the Al-Shater Zaghloul series stories. Written in the daily-used simplified A'meiyeh Arabic language, this book is an easy-to-tell bedtime story, thus targeting children who do not speak standard Arabic (Fosha), therefore it works on developing their language skills simply and endearingly.

Mrs. Sahar believes that seeing the world through her kids’ eyes makes it easier for her to perform daily tasks as a mother, so, as a start, she developed and implemented her educational ideas for her children. Witnessing the fruitful results, she decided to share these ideas with the rest of the mothers and children. That's how the "Zaghloul the Puppet" store became a safe educational haven through which mother and child can learn a lot while spending fun times together.

The “Al-Shater Zaghloul” series is now available on Souqfann. Make your order today to spend some quality time with your kid!

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