Al-Hareri Story

Mrs. Marwa Fadl Al-Hariri started her handicraft business, known as Al-Hariri Store, to sell a unique collection of recycled goods.

She decided to start recycling products in general, and paper in particular, to reduce harmful waste and protect the environment from its adverse effects. She then started offering these recycled products in her store as accessories and bags in addition to mosaic paintings made from glass pieces.

Mrs. Marwa starts the paper recycling process by

  • Cutting the paper, washing it and mixing it with glue.

  • Chopping the paper in an electric mixer.

  • Filtering and drying the paper.

  • Shaping the mixture according to the desired design,

  • Coloring the final piece and applying color preservatives

  • Letting the piece dry again for one to two days.

By purchasing one of Mrs. Marwa's recycled goods with distinctive patterns that you can browse right now on Souq Fann, you will be supporting her effort of protecting the environment. Check them out now!

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Fashionable Recycled Accessories Pieces