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Aclii Art

Aclii Art Story

Beginnings have never been easy, and for Mr. Bilal Shtoor, the Acli Art project's launch was no exception. Being a refugee and facing a lot of financial difficulties, Mr. Bilal first thought his project was impossible to come to reality.

But he decided not to give up or surrender to the circumstances and started 2019 doing a deep market analysis in order to find a suitable product to make that fills the need of the target audience. His research led him to open his new home-based business, which moved after a couple of months into a small workshop. Things were going well until the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, which resulted in the shutdown of his workshop.

Yet Mr. Bilal's great ambition and passion for handicrafts were not affected by these circumstances, he decided to work on improving his skills by attending many courses on how to establish and run small businesses. He set new plans, consulted experts, and worked hard to build his very new product.

That's how the Acli Art store started to offer a distinguished collection of hand-designed furniture and decor items made of natural wood, natural leather, aluminum, and copper, to highlight the artistic value of natural resources by reshaping them with appealing and functional designs that are perfect for home use.

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Distinctive handcrafted pieces of furniture