Abdallah artist

Abdallah artist

Abdallah artist Story

Abdullah, an artist, painter, and photographer, who has innovative artistic taste, the loss of his permanent job prompted him to search within himself for the source of his passion, in order to create his own work and start his own business.

In his store, Mr. Abdullaj presents a wide variety of artistic works, all of which depend on his unique artistic imagination.

For example, a photo taken with his camera lens might inspire him to make a bag with a design inspired by that exact photograph! Something he has already done and was actually a very successful idea.

His collection of tote bags made using high-quality fabric and creative designs was a big success, especially with their unique feature of being inflammable and which can be washed without any fear of the printed designs’ disappearance.

To get one of Abdullah’s products, you might have to need up to 10 days before it’s ready, which is an indicator of how delicate they are.

Browse now these beautifully made products available now on Souqfann and buy your favorites for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones. 

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