Zainab Falahat

Zainab Falahat

Zainab Falahat Story

“Zainab Falahat” Store

Today, we will know more about Zainab Falahat who is a crafts lady and a mother of three boys and four girls who established her business after she participated in some workshops at Souq Fann and other organizations to learn how to produce handmade natural soaps. From this day until this moment, Zainab largely depends on her project since she is the main provider for her family.

Challenges that Face “Zainab”

Most likely, the things that feature the handmade soaps that are handmade by Zainab are that they all feature high-quality, great effectiveness, and rich benefits. Most of all, Zainab faces some difficulties and challenges that are directly related to marketing. Consequently, you can browse various types of handmade soaps at Souq Fann now!

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“Zainab Falahat” StoreToday, we will know more abo