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Yara Design

Yara Design Story

Yara Design is a family business specializing in handmade products to revitalize the traditional soul of handicrafts in a modern way. The family behind Yara Design has a great experience of sixteen years in producing high-quality items uniquely and especially in which they meet the needs of all age groups.

Yara Design faces many obstacles as the craft industry is not an easy one. Yara Design struggles with the lack of financial resources and raw materials to produce high-quality and affordable handicrafts at the same time. Not to mention the massive competition and the availability of cheap machine-made products which affect the absence of appreciation for handiwork.

As passion always overcomes any obstacle, Yara Design was able to continue and expand the business and include various handicrafts such as; embroidery, beaded, and crystal accessories, sheets, cushions, bags, ties, and many other products as per client requests which are appealing to all age groups as they are crafted efficiently and neatly.

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Yara Design is a family business specializing in h