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Wee Art Jo " Women's Economic Empowerment Through Art " is a startup created by two young Jordanian females with the goal to empower women in marginalized areas. It all started in 2018 through an experience with grassroots community-based organizations working with skilled, ambitious, and strong women across the kingdom who were putting in substantial efforts to create income-generating opportunities for themselves. Established with the aim of improving livelihoods and creating art for a cause, Wee Art offers higher pay rates and returns 20% of all generated profits to women. With social responsibility at its core, Wee Art provides a platform for women to share their journeys and experiences with a wider audience and raise awareness on pressing issues in their communities by utilizing art. With skills passed on through generations of women, each embroidered piece carries a story, an experience, and a lived reality. While creating sustainable income-generating channels, Wee Art also aims to create a community of women to further familiarize people with relevant and pressing issues and challenges expressed and experienced by women, as such creating a channel of communication that brings their concerns to the forefront of our lives.

We managed to create work opportunities within the set of skills women already own. Through Wee Art Jo we always capacity build women's skills to bring a noticeable change in the pattern women create pieces in, from classic embroidery to modern embroidery. Our main aim is to reach sustainable income for women working within the net of the Wee Art community.

Wee Art Jo's goals are:

1. Creating work opportunities.
2. Creating work environments that are safe, clean, and comfortable for women to work from.
3. Sustainable change within the work we do. 

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Wee Art Jo " Women's Economic Empowerment Through