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Having a great passion can change someone's dream into a reality!

In the beginning, Mr. Rami Abual Ganam used to watch handicrafts videos to fill his spare time. His interest in handicrafts then turned into a passion that made him take his first steps in this field, more specifically the accessory-making field.

The “Beaded Loom Bracelet” was what impressed Mr. Rami the most, so it was his starting point in the handicrafts field. While making such bracelets requires high craftsmanship and a lot of time, Mr. Rami prepared all the raw materials and proceeded with his first attempts, which were not so easy and involved a lot of mistakes either in terms of bead sizes, type of thread, the time needed, or colors combinations.

Mr. Rami's journey began with searching and learning via the Internet about everything related to the accessories industry, specifically the "Beaded Loom Bracelet". Mr. Rami also visited many bazaars and made sure to exchange experiences and ideas with people of similar interests. Then he decided to create a social media page for his shop and called it "WeGo" to be his way of attracting people and marketing his made-of-love products.

Using colored threads, plastic beads, metal spacers, stones, wood materials, genuine leather threads, copper pieces, rubber threads, glass beads, turquoise and gemstones, pearls, silver, and gold, the store offers an exceptional range of accessories including; bracelets, anklets, chains, phone pendants, or any other customized accessory pieces requested by the customer.

Intending to expand his work field, Mr. Rami is willing to add resin and sandblasting products to WeGo's production line shortly. Mr.Rami also wants to help everyone interested in learning handicrafts by creating volunteer committees to teach these crafts in civil society institutions.

Be part of this unique handicrafts community by browsing and purchasing WeGo's made with love products available now at Souq Fann!

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Having a great passion can change someone's dream