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Warag: It means papers in Arabic!

Gami: A Japanese word that means Papers also!

Then, Warag+Gami= Waragmi World!

Out of their love for “Origami & Quilling” Arts, Aisha Salman and Laith Abu Taleb created their company “WARAGAMI” as the first company in the Middle East that is specialized in paper art "Origami & Quilling" by offering kits with all the needed tools, materials, and bilingual guidebooks for different ages and levels.

It is worth mentioning that creating this store was inspired by students at university who share a love of paper art and who were making workshops for their colleagues in order to transfer this type of art and spread it since art is for all!

Besides, WARAGAMI is a great way to develop the user’s creativity, patience, and motor skills.

“Waragami World” Challenges

While they were students at the university, the main challenge facing Aisha and Laith was limited to the lack of materials and tools needed for paper arts, as they were ordering materials and tools from abroad, such as America and India, and they needed a long time and high cost and were not meeting the required quality.

At the beginning of the project, the challenge was that society views the arts as a secondary matter and not an essential thing in our lives, especially since the project is based on the merging of French and Japanese culture together. But with time, people's perceptions and convictions began to change positively towards this art.

From an economic point of view, the “Waragami World” project faces a challenge related to the high cost of production and the creative industries in Jordan.

What does “Waragami World” add to society?

Waragami educational boxes aim to develop children's and people's skills in general, such as patience, creativity, and motor skills, in addition to protecting children from technology addiction.

Waragami also believes in sustainable development goals and seeks to integrate and include them in all processes and products, as they use paper arts as an interactive means for developing education.

Moreover, Waragami seeks to support another goal of the Sustainable Development Goals, which is the reduction of inequalities. The project is based on gender equality by integrating people with special needs who carry the message of "art for all" and that art is not the preserve of a certain group of society. For example, Waragami launched the world's first Braille origami instruction to enable blind people to study paper arts.

Not to mention that all Waragami World products are locally made in Jordan with high quality and use 75% less plastic, which contributes to reducing environmental pollution and climate change. Contribute to changing society, learn a new art, and start shopping for Waragami products through Souq Fann now!

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