Vinesia Story

Vinesia is a different kind of success story. It began with the owners’ decision to completely transform their accessory shop in Madaba from a modern storefront into an antique store. However, Vinesia soon faced a difficult period of stagnation along with many others at the time. Recognizing that there was an issue at hand, the team behind Vinesia decided to study their options and realized that turning their business into an antique shop could work in their favor taking into consideration that the shop was located near one of Madaba's historical, famous churches.

The sellers saw a major difference in business after converting Vinesia into a shop of ceramics, carpets, and antiques, as the interests of tourists and foreigners had been heading in this direction in recent years.

Vinesia’s success serves as a reminder of the importance of second attempts -- though you may not succeed at first if you keep trying you can find what you are looking for. Despite its turbulent beginning, Vinesia is now one of the most successful antique shops in Madaba and a major destination for tourists from all over the world.

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Vinesia is a different kind of success story. It b