Unique Handmade with Emy

Unique Handmade with Emy

Unique Handmade with Emy Story

“Unique Handmade With Emy” Store

✷ Eman Daniel is a skilled passionate woman, a mother, and a crafts lady who proves that you can learn your passion and practice it even if you studied something that totally differs from your hobbies as she is a graduate of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels and studied educational science. Nevertheless, she is strongly passionate about handmade crafts.

Eman knows that handicrafts are not something easy to learn. However, she took the decision to start learning the Etamine art where she worked hard on her self-improvement until she was able to establish her new store called “Unique Handmade With Emy” after a long period of practicing her hobby of Etamine embroidery.

In fact, Eman is embarrassed by the idea of using simple tools such as fabric and colored yarns to end up with a delightful Etamine masterpiece!

“Unique Handmade With Emy” Challenges

✷ By its very nature, challenges must go hand in hand with anyone who wants to seek success and achievements especially when it comes to handicraft projects. Therefore, Eman went through many challenges that made her feel frustrated from one side and motivated from the other side. Anyhow, she took the decision to continue regardless of the challenges that face her as they reside in the following:

⋆ Due to the lack of handmade products fans, there is difficulty in marketing the products

⋆  It takes days and sometimes weeks of mental and physical effort, working, and focusing on the smallest details to end a piece of art

⋆  The difficulty of gaining the raw materials that are high priced

⋆  The difficulty of managing time between the project, house chores, and other daily responsibilities

Despite these challenges, Eman believes that Souq Fann’s team are very positive and collaborative members who will be helping her in displaying her product on their platform and this shapes a great source of motivation for her.

Social Impact of “Unique Handmade With Emy”

✷ At the end of the day, Etamine pieces embody a very charming way to express your love for others by presenting them with high-quality gifts made with lots of love, precise attention to detail, care, and passion!

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