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The Youth Journal

The Youth Journal Story

“The Youth Journal” is a project that was founded in the first place by Mr.s Dina Barakat; a mother who was working on building a positive mindset for her children at home through reading and other activities.

With its name which was inspired by the idea of journaling, “The Youth Journal” was launched to build a growth mindset at a young age, having this skill, children can easily accept their mistakes, learn new things, plan and solve problems to reach their goals and dreams. 

Designing everything by herself, Mrs. Dina has created 3 types of products: "The Youth Journal", a problem-solving spinner, and a group of mindful stories. She is also planning on releasing a second edition of The Youth Journal in addition to designing new products that will help raise awareness about the importance of kids’ emotional health. 

Mrs. Dina believes that her project “The Youth Journal” has a great impact on kids’ mindsets and sees it as a helpful way of increasing the communication between them and their parents. So when a child expresses his/ her ideas through writing, he/ she will not only be able to develop his writing skills but this will also help him or in self-discovery and in maintaining a balanced personality.

Mrs. Dina’s project doesn't only revolve around the journal, as she is willing to do workshops for kids, to directly interact with children, and help them develop their reading skills and many other skills through exercises and activities.

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“The Youth Journal” is a project that was founded