Tezzkar Story

Early Beginnings of “Tezkkar”

When it comes to starting a handicraft business, it does not require much money, rather than massive passion for the craft itself and great creativity in the field. This is exactly how "Tezzkar" started. The two brothers Hamdi and Dima Shashaa began their project in 2010 with a capital not exceeding $10 where they started they worked on painting glass and ceramics made in Palestine, then the project expanded to include different types of handmade products made in Gaza and across Palestine.

After more than 10 years of hard work, "Tezkkar" now embraces more than 15 handicrafts projects, providing high-quality products which are made entirely in Palestine by creative passionate Palestinian people, and where the raw materials used are 100% Palestinian.

Challenges faced by “Tezkkar”

Since Tezzkar was based in Gaza, the Shashaa siblings have faced a lot of obstacles, including the difficulty to find raw materials, as well as their high costs, the poor economic conditions inside Gaza, and the inability of exporting outside Palestine. Not only that but the siblings couldn't get permits to travel, therefore they had to give up their dreams of participating in international art exhibitions and delivering their products to new markets.

Nevertheless, they continued their hard work with love and passion for producing the most beautiful pieces till they reached the international market via our website.

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Early Beginnings of “Tezkkar”When it comes to star