Candlit Story

Carefully designed and passionately created, all of the candles from Candlit are 100% hand-poured and made of natural soy wax product. Candlit is based out of Jordan and is making people rethink the quality of a candle. Their goal is to set the standards of candles high and make other candle companies rethink their quality and raw material strategy. They believe this will positively impact their customers as well as their competitors in the long run. 

Candlit faces the challenge of marketing the concept of soy wax to the candle market in Jordan. Soy wax is not extremely familiar in the Jordanian candle market as people are more used to cheaper paraffin wax. This has made it more difficult to introduce this new concept to consumers but they hope that after using a Candlit candle or wax melty, the consumers will understand and appreciate the quality of their candles. 

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Carefully designed and passionately created, all o