Talahi Quddah

Talahi Quddah

Talahi Quddah Story

“Talahi Al-Qudah” Store

❁ Because she learned wool and all kinds of crochet with love, craftsmanship, and mastery, the talented craftswoman Talahi started her project with the aim of practicing her talent and providing a major source of income as she is the main breadwinner for her family.

When she knew Souq Fann, Talahi Al Qudah started her project through the course she participated in with Souq Fann, which gave her new marketing ideas and product pricing methods.

Challenges Faced by “Talahi Al-Qudah”

❁ It is widely known that all projects face many challenges and obstacles that may stand in their way as the Talahi faces some challenges in production processes such as lack of availability of raw materials, being inexperienced about product pricing, and finding difficulty in marketing.

Talahi, the talented and motivated craftswoman, strongly believes that this field gives her the strength and motivation for continuity and creativity, and she strongly knows that Souq Fann will be the perfect online shop where you can browse Talhahi.

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“Talahi Al-Qudah” Store❁ Because she learned wool