Sufatii Story

Sufatii is comprised of a mother and her three daughters who run the business from their home. They produce a different variety of yarns and crocheting and knitting tools. They also make products such as blankets, shawls, baby jackets, rugs, stuffed toys, and more. What makes Sufatil special is that they only sell the best quality of yarn and they always do their best to make sure their products are loved by everyone. Sufatii has made it easier for crocheters and knitters to buy the best yarns since yarn shops are traditionally very rare and concentrated in downtown Amman.

Although Sufatil's products are made based on the customer's request, it's their job to choose the right yarn for the right item. They also advise the customers on selecting the right colors for specific items. Sufatii always ensures that every item comes out flawless because they believe that the last touches are the ones that matter the most.

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Sufatii is comprised of a mother and her three dau