Sophie Crochet

Sophie Crochet

Sophie Crochet Story

Mrs. Safiya is an Algerian craftswoman who has lived in Jordan for more than 20 years. She was interested in crochet since childhood, so she took it as a hobby and spent a lot of time on it. Life’s concerns kept Mrs. Safiya away from practicing this craft for years, however, she has retained her crochet skills to this day.

After moving to Jordan with her family, and with the beginning of her new life away from relatives and friends, the only consolation for Mrs. Safiya was going back to her childhood hobby and reclaiming her old passion, so she started crocheting again, spending many hours in it without boredom or restlessness.

As her social circle expanded, Mrs. Safyia began offering her products to neighbors and friends, and little by little her name became known in the neighborhood as a creative crochet craftswoman. She began selling a variety of customized products, ranging from children's clothes, hats, and shawls, to tablecloths and kitchen accessories.

Finally, Mrs. Safyia decided to expand her business, and turn her passion into an additional source of income, so her store the "Sophie Crochet" was the step she took in order to achieve this goal. Also, the name of the store was inspired by the basic material that she uses in her work, which is wool, as it is called “Soof” in Arabic, in all its colors and shapes. Not to mention that this name is close in pronunciation to her own name.

Like any other craftswomen, at the beginning of her career, Mrs. Safiya faced many challenges including; marketing her products, limited customers, the incompatibility of prices with the product's quality, and the effort she put into these products. However, this didn’t affect her determination of sewing the most beautiful products with love, that are available today at Souq Fann.

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Mrs. Safiya is an Algerian craftswoman who has liv