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Simsim & Lulu

Simsim & Lulu Story

Simsim & Lulu is a shop that specializes in handmade pets' fashion items and adorable pieces of accessories.

All the unique designs and the special pet accessories offered in the shop are beautifully designed by Mrs. Sereen Rabee, a creative craftswoman who chose the name of her two beloved cats, "Simsim & Lulu" to be the name for her shop.

Being the first shop of its kind at Souqfann, products offered by "Simsim & Lulu" are recycled from old canvas, polyester, and peasant embroidered pieces to be transformed into unique pet mats and homes, accessories, and fashion items.

Although working on any of these pieces of accessories might take no more than two hours, Mrs. Sereen pays great attention to details to bring the product to its lovely final form. 

The production process of any item begins with:

  • Preparing the design and the raw materials,

  • Stuffing the piece and sewing it,

  • Implementing the final finishes.

Pamper your cute pet by getting Simsim & Lulu's recycled and made with love accessories available now at Souq Fann!

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