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Sense of Community

Sense of Community Story

A Sense of Community is a movement founded by a local church based in Marka revolving around giving back to the community and ensuring that all the fabrics of society in Jordan are taken care of. This project is proven to solve critical issues for all of our workers as it provides financial security for them and their families. It also helps them psychologically through the provision of new self-growth and development goals. A Sense of Community came up with a plan to give Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Jordan an opportunity to join together in the community and work with their hands to create needle crafts, mosaics, jewelry, soap, wood, and leather goods.

When you purchase these handmade items you are providing Iraqi refugees with a means of providing for their families and receiving affirmation that, while they may be displaced, they are not forgotten. These handcrafts give refugees an opportunity to work together, using their time to learn, create and be productive. It also provides them with a way to make money to buy food and other basic necessities. The hardworking team of people in Marka aspires to expand their small project to reach more people and get the support that they need to continue their own beautiful journey and to help others with starting their lives all over again.

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A Sense of Community is a movement founded by a lo