Sawalef Hasedah

Sawalef Hasedah

Sawalef Hasedah Story

Get to Know “Sawalif Hasedah”

"Sawalif Hasedah" is a Jordanian store that works to spread the Jordanian culture and dialect by including it in people's daily lives, enabling them to highlight their personalities or express what they think through a printed design that may reflect what they feel at a particular moment.

When it comes to the store’s name; "Sawalif Hasedah" are the stories that farmers told during the harvest to pass the time. These stories were usually characterized by exaggeration and the addition of imaginative events to bring more suspense to them.

Hence, the "Sawalif Hasedah" store decided to introduce the idea of entertainment through the design of cups, making sure that these designs are inspired by the daily lives of people.

Products Offered by “Sawalif Hasedah”

"Sawalif Hasedah" store offers many products, including mugs, pins, keychains, puzzles, T-shirts, and much more. The store also has more than 200 remarkable designs, each one representing a story or a phrase that expresses the daily feelings of people and their different personalities.

Designing and printing ceramic mugs come after searching for unique phrases and design ideas. As for the printing of designs and the raw materials used, the store always makes sure to use the finest materials.

Challenges Faced by “Sawalif Hasedah”

"Sawalif Hasedah" store started by participating in various exhibitions and bazaars. After the great interest and demand for these products and designs, the idea expanded to become a store. At this point, the store faced obstacles such as the inability to market ideas and products appropriately, in addition to the consequences of the Corona pandemic, which affected many projects and stores during the past couple of years.

Nevertheless, these obstacles did not limit the continuous work and the desire to develop the project to become one of the leading stores in this field while spreading the Jordanian culture and dialect to the fullest extent. Not to mention the store has also provided job opportunities for university students to help them secure their study expenses.

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Get to Know “Sawalif Hasedah”"Sawalif Hasedah" is