Satnay Story

Mrs. Satnay Qushha’s journey in the field of handicrafts began at a young age, as she grew up in a family that loves arts and handicrafts. Thus, she devoted much of her time to training and developing her various skills, joined many courses, and worked hard to learn about different types of arts. For Mrs. Satnay, art is a universal language shared by all human beings, which revives the love of survival, beauty, and peace. From this point of view, Mrs. Satnay established her handicraft shop, through which she wishes to revive some rare and straightforward art pieces that have great sentimental value.

Using high-quality cotton threads, metals, and epoxy resin, Mrs. Satnay crafts the most unique and beautifully designed wood pieces and accessories. 

Producing any of these pieces may take up to 5 hours, and the process goes as follow:

1- Cutting the cotton threads and fixing them on the wooden handloom.

2- Weaving the design inside these threads.

3- Doing the final touches and getting rid of the excess threads.

Mrs. Satnay, through her project, seeks to present exceptional pieces designed with a high level of craftsmanship that surely will catch everyone’s attention. Check them now through Souqfann!

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