Sabah Al-Hadidi

Sabah Al-Hadidi

Sabah Al-Hadidi Story

Sabah al-Hadidi is a creator, scientist, and artisan. He is of Syrian descent but has studied and worked around the world. His talents lie chiefly in painting, whether that be on canvas, pottery, cloth, or furniture. According to Sabah, “art is an expression of feeling demonstrated through shape and color. It is a search for new realms that evoke emotions like surprise and curiosity from the viewer. Art is a journey in the search of freedom.”

Sabah al-Hadidi studied chemistry for one year and employs that technical knowledge in hand-formulating his paints through the use of an array of natural materials like sand and raw dyes. He employs a bright, distinctive style, often inspired by earthly elements and the human body. His work is fluid and cannot be classified under one specific form of painting. 

Sabah’s goal is to prove to the general public the need for unique art; a need that he describes as being just as crucial like food or water. He hopes to leave a lasting impression that art is meant to be cherished. As he concludes, “I just hope that they love art as much as I do.”

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Sabah al-Hadidi is a creator, scientist, and artis