Rudy's Herbal Hugs

Rudy's Herbal Hugs

Rudy's Herbal Hugs Story

Rudy’s Herbal Hugs

Rodina, the talented lady who owns “Rudy’s Herbal Hugs” store is a talented Jordanian lady who started her career life by being an IT employee in the governmental sector.

As we all know and see, office work causes a lot of shoulders, neck, and back harm and pains due to sitting behind the office for long periods.

Out of the obstacles she faced in her lifetime due to office work and after the early death of her life partner who left her alone as a mother of two, Rodina took the step toward providing a distinctive yet modern natural way for every single person to be relaxed and comforted in order to be strong in the face of the challenges, burdens, and pressures we are exposed to in our daily life.

All of the abovementioned problems inspired Rodina to be creative in designing herbal hot bags instead of the traditional hot water bottles in which every herbal hot bag strongly reduces aches and pains and is fair enough to keep you relaxed.

“Rudy’s Herbal Hugs” Challenges

In 2013, Rodina started her project under the name of “Rudy’s Herbal Hugs''. However, her primary concern was that her project is only restricted to family, friends, and relatives as she desired to make this circle broader.

What is more, something stopped Rodina from designing more and more herbal hugs due to the lack of time. Nevertheless, COVID19 was pretty kind to Rudy as it gave her the sufficient time she needed to re-investigate her inner passion as this led her to expand her project and reach every child, girl, boy, woman, man, or elder who suffers from pains.

After Rodina faced her two major difficulties, she realized the importance of marketing her products through social media platforms and how much it is necessary to let customers share their feedback and experience with others! For this reason, she joined the electronic window Souq Fann to let her products spread around the world virtually!

With Rudy, you can have a very joyful character to warm you up safely, browse different cartoon personalities and choose your favorite through Souq Fann now!♨

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