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Get to Know “Reemy Candles”

From loving candles to making them by hand. Mrs. Reema Rawahneh started her business in the candles industry from her small kitchen, as she always loved candles and was attracted to their colors and shapes. Because of that huge affection, Mrs. Reema decided to start her candle shop to offer a variety of aromatic handmade candles. She gave her shop the name she used to be called of among her friends; "Reemy"!

That is how "Reemy Candles" was born.

To offer products of high quality, Mrs. Reema kick off her journey in this field by educating herself about the different types of candles and how they are made. After gaining a more comprehensive background, she then started preparing the raw materials she needs in the making process.

Products Offered by “Reemy Candles”

Using raw soy wax, essential oils, special dyes for candles, and concrete molds, Mrs. Reema crafts beautifully scented candles in artistic and innovative shapes. The production process of some candles requires between one and two hours, and this depends on the final shape of the candle, some of which are made up of one part, and some of them are made of several parts held together after making each part separately.

Reemy Candles’ Future Plans

"Reemy Candles" is mainly about crafting candles, made with love and passion in high-quality and close to everyone's heart. As Mrs. Reema finds candles a very beautiful and warm gift idea for a dear one, that pleases the heart of both the giver and the receiver. 

However, Mrs. Reema wishes to expand her project in the future to include; antiques, embroidery, quilling paper art, and other products of clay; like cups and plant pots.

Browse Reemy's products available now at Souq Fann, and decorate your house with the most luxurious candles with amazing aromatic scents!

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Get to Know “Reemy Candles”From loving candles to