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Presence of Mind

Presence of Mind Story

Bayan Khadraj is an artisan who relies on sustainable and recycled materials to design creative art pieces inspired by the human mind in which every product makes you contemplate the importance of thinking before doing any simple thing in your daily life!

“Presence of Mind” first steps

Bayan Khadraj is a talented artist and a passionate interior designer. Out of her love of what she does, she participated in several local and international competitions including the competence with Souq Fann.

Among the competitions that she joined, Bayan participated in the Souq Fann competition, as the project was concerned with sustainable energy and economic development.

This competition and training were great enough to let the participants and artisans learn how to look for and find sustainable alternatives to reusing and upcycling old lamps and converting them into art pieces.

After hard work and dedicated efforts, Bayan was able to win first place among 24 local designers which represented the start over of her project called “ Presence of Mind”.

Difficulties faced by “Presence of Mind”

The main difficulty encountered by this project is related to coming up with different ideas, new ideas that are not applied before by anyone! Ideas that should be innovative. For this reason, Souq Fann is here!

In addition to the challenges regarding the materials used such as looking for the perfect metal wire that suits the shape of the lamp and so on.

Hence, Bayan realized the importance of joining the first supporter such as Souq Fann as she said about this collaboration: “I chose the Souq Fann platform because it believed in the importance of supporting artists and craftsmen regardless of their different cultures.” Also, she shares her trust that her products will be reached the largest number of users.

Through browsing and buying “Presence of Mind” products, you can decorate your home or your office and support local production as well!

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Bayan Khadraj is an artisan who relies on sustaina