Petra Pottery Association

Petra Pottery Association

Petra Pottery Association Story

Petra Pottery Association

Დ "Petra Pottery Association” is the right place which takes you differently to the society and architecture of the Nabataeans. Because Nabataean pottery holds a very meaningful message that talks about civilization and accuracy, May Kahalayfeh and Myassar Khalaifat decided to deliver this message again by learning pottery art through workshops and starting up their association to provide us with the finest types of pottery that can be decorated pieces or kitchen items at the same time.

Pottery products of Petra Association are not only functional yet decorative pieces as they play a social role in which they introduce us to the Nabataean civilization and tell us about Nabatean ornaments in a very distinguished way.

Petra Pottery Association Challenges

Დ No doubt, challenges are an essential part of every type of business especially if it was related to handicrafts. Accordingly, the most important challenges that are faced by Petra Pottery Association are the main reason why May and Myassar decide to move on and not give up despite the obstacles they face that are resided in the following points:
❂ The difficulty of reaching raw materials due to being far away from the Jordanian capital, Amman

❂ The lack of promotion and marketing of products

❂ Raw materials are highly priced

❂  The touristic sector in Jordan is not stable

In spite of the aforementioned challenges, the two artisan ladies are still providing us with handmade pottery in this unique work field!

Petra Pottery Association & Souq Fann

Დ Nabataean pottery products have a strong ability to take us to a totally different place as it allows us the chance to live the vibes of the Nabataean civilization and to creatively preserve the Jordanian heritage only by shopping from Souq Fann now!

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Petra Pottery AssociationᲓ "Petra Pottery Associat