Norega Story

“I always say that what goes beyond picking out this field is the bliss and joy I feel once I master a handcrafted piece that is made of lots of love and passion.”

That’s just the way how the talented crafts lady “Samar Al-Sayed” articulates her love for the products she offers to you from her home where she also plays the role of the most caring mother greatly from the strong belief that every lady has the right to be a mother who looks for her success through finding her financial source in the heart of her excitement!

“Norega Handcrafts” Early Stages

Samar Al-Sayyed is a talented skilled crafts lady who lives in Egypt and chose the field of dyeing and printing of textiles in her general applied arts study field. After being a passionate worker in many craft domains including but not limited to the design of greeting cards, embroidering on satin, designing puppets, and so on, the time came to find her inspiration as she created “Norega Handcrafts” which is specified for producing natural leather products such as bags and wallets.

Since her store is created, 5 years till the moment, Samar is depending on the main concept to spread joy through the fun character which distinguishes her designs and makes them so special and unique with their flawless decorations and graphics.

Challenges Faced by “Norega”

Since Samar is determined to learn even from obstacles faced by her project, she is dedicated to taking advantage through facing a difficulty related to not having enough workforce which she now teaches and trains girls and ladies of societies and associations so they gain new experiences and have additional financial resources. Adding more, Samar has a great intention to be able to reach, train, and teach women from different backgrounds in the entire Arab World.

Not only this, another difficulty is faced by “Norega” which is related to high costs and wide connections needed to participate in international exhibitions and bazaars inside and outside Egypt. However, Souq Fan is definitely playing an effective role in e-marketing “Norega” products!

“Norega Handcrafts” & Joining Souq Fann

“Thanks to Souq Fann, the digital store which markets my products widely and supports all handicraft workers, my products will be spread inside-outside Egypt!”

This is what the talented crafts lady said about joining Souq Fann, adding a great touch to your outfit, and browsing Norega products through Souq Fann now!

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“I always say that what goes beyond picking out th