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Noqta Store

Noqta Store Story

Amar Al-Mohtaseb is the artist behind the Jordanian brand Noqta, which means Dot in English!

Amar is 24 years old, she started her business one year ago, she wanted to create fashionable pieces by merging her favorite art technique ( The Aart Of Dotting )

The main challenge Noqta brand is facing is the time consumption and patience her designs take not to mention the creativity needed to make unique pieces.

As Amar is an artist she likes to show people her perspective with the language she knows the most, which is art! She hopes people will understand it and appreciate the time and the hard work it takes to create such unique pieces. 

Noqta is a Local clothing brand that fuses art and design in beautiful harmony.

Amar's pieces are unique and one-of-a-kind designs as every dot are drawn with Love!

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Amar Al-Mohtaseb is the artist behind the Jordania