Nihan's Hand-made

Nihan's Hand-made

Nihan's Hand-made Story

A Mother of Four and an Artist of Tradition, Nihan.

Nihan started her journey following her passion for expressing the message she believes in through art. Nihan believes in art as a way of expressing her own identity and demonstrating her right in her own home country. 

Nihan experienced ups and downs in her life and this is what formed what she is right now. The major obstacle Nihan faced was losing her partner in life all of sudden. Besides mourning her husband, her family became her responsibility alone. However, surrendering to the new situation was no option for Nihan. Instead, she kept following her passion and took care of her family. Today, Nihan is a role model for her children and also her surroundings. 

Nihan took a special interest in crafting woolen products with Palestinian embroidery to express her identity. She said, “I turned into the wood as a refuge to root myself into land and embroidery to emphasize my traditional identity as we are the indigenous people of this land, Palestine.” Nihan’s love for crafting stems from a message to share and art to craft.

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A Mother of Four and an Artist of Tradition, Nihan