Nadoosh Story

The journey of “Nadoosh” began in 2016 when Mrs. Nida'a came up with some ideas to help develop children’s various skills while they learn and have fun at the same time. "Nadoosh" was the name Mrs. Nida'a chose for her shop as it was very close to her heart, giving a personal character to the project. This project mainly offers products made of gypsum dedicated to enhancing children’s abilities and different skills.

Mrs. Nida's passion for the field of kid's development field prompted her to produce coloring sets consisting of gypsum figures in cute shapes loved by children, attached with a color palette.

These gypsum coloring sets are designed carefully to bring beneficial activities into the child's daily routine. In addition to entertaining children and filling their spare time, these sets help the child differentiate between colors, strengthen hand muscles, and develop his intelligence as well as other senses.

While "Nadoosh" products are specially designed for kids to develop their skills, they also help strengthen the relationship between parents and children, allowing them to spend time together while having fun.

As for her plans, Mrs. Nida'a aspires to open a children's entertainment center to offer children the required tools that might help develop their abilities and skills.

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The journey of “Nadoosh” began in 2016 when Mrs. N