Nada Eriqat

Nada Eriqat

Nada Eriqat Story

A Brief About Nada Eriqat Store

✹ Nada Eriqat is a talented craftswoman who works in the field of handicrafts that are handmade with lots of love from wool, crochet, and KLIM threads. No doubt that the products she made are unique and distinguished since she has 20 years of experience in addition to learning the craft in college. In other words, Nada chooses to learn this craft and work within this field since she finds herself here. Not to mention that Nada took a training session with Souq Fann for the purpose of learning more and more besides developing her project.

Challenges Faced by Nada

✹ It is obvious that Nada’s products are not alike any other products and they are so special and unique thanks to her dedication and working hard. Anyhow, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t face challenges in her production processes. That is to say, Nada finds difficulty in marketing. However, she strives to maintain a positive impact on the community by giving others the opportunity to be participants in her project. You also can contribute by browsing her products now at Souq Fann!

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A Brief About Nada Eriqat Store✹ Nada Eriqat is a