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Musab Accessories

Musab Accessories is a project started with the aim of supporting the ambitious young man Musab who suffers from down syndrome. However, day by day and moment by moment, Musab reassures his passion and potential in supporting everyone since being productive only demands a lot of passion and love besides little professional training!

Challenges Faced By Musab Accessories

The pandemic situation the whole world is witnessing now shaped a big struggle for all kinds of sectors and projects, particularly the projects that hugely depend on bazaars and exhibitions such as Musab Accessories which faced the problem of not being able to transport between Jordanian governorates smoothly to promote and display products. Not to mention other obstacles being faced including the lack and non-availability of some raw materials needed to produce the handmade accessories.

Musab Accessories at Souq Fann

Owing to the positive impact that Musab can achieve on the local market level in Jordan, Musab Accessories are now available at Souq Fann whether in the local or international market!

Start browsing now and shop for several types of nice and modern beaded accessories featuring high-quality and reasonable prices so well!

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Musab AccessoriesMusab Accessories is a project st