Munera Owdat

Munera Owdat

Munera Owdat Story

“Muneera Owdat” Store

✦ Muneera Al Owdat is a mother of 8, a caring housewife, and a gifted crafts lady who owns her own store for weaving wool as her mother taught her this craft in order to be able to provide her main source of income for her.

Muneera practices this type of craft since she finds her hobby here, she wants to spend her free time usefully, and she is passionate about working in such a field which allows her to start up her business from a small business that started to expand and develop through time.

Challenges that Face Muneera

✦ Worthy said that the most important thing that makes woolen products of Muneera unique and distinctive is that she comes with new ideas and gives a lot of attention to small details, in addition to the inclusion of simple colors harmoniously. You can browse her products now through Souq Fann!

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“Muneera Owdat” Store✦ Muneera Al Owdat is a mothe