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Muna Al-Alaya

Muna Al-Alaya Story

“Muna Al-Alaya” Silver Store

✧ Because the ruins of Petra have much more to offer than being one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is also a source of inspiration for many artisans such as our talented crafts lady Muna Al-Alaya who owns a silver shop and started producing traditional silver accessories inspired by Petra monuments and Nabatean patterns.

The talented lady Muna Al-Alaya is a handcrafted woman who is a housewife and takes her project as a main source of income.

Joining one of the Noor Al Hussein Foundation centers and a training course with Souq Fann, helped her to start up her project in order to start producing fine and high-quality handmade silver accessories.

It is commonly known that handicrafts are a very distinguished field and this reason is enough why always handmade projects face several obstacles. For example, Muna Al-Alaya faces a major challenge in her projects such as the lack of marketing and promotion of products.

At the end of the day, Muna strongly believes that through Souq Fann, she will be able to develop her products through continuous training and improving quality. Not to mention the opportunity of having her products electronically marketed through Souq Fan where you can browse her products now!

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“Muna Al-Alaya” Silver Store✧ Because the ruins of