Mrayti Story

Although he was a university student, Tariq Salman launched his own business called "Mrayti", a project is specialized in designing mirrors that take the shapes of different countries. Thinking of marketing his products, Mr. Tariq then created a page on Instagram, which in turn began to grow day after day to get people's interaction and interest.

"Mrayti" is a project showcasing the traditions and cultural aspects of different countries worldwide. Through this mirror, you can express and show off your love for your country by using it as a unique decorative piece that adorns your home interior.

Working with glass is not an easy task, as crafting any mirror begins by cutting the glass, drawing on it, scraping it off, cooling, polishing and finally drying. The mirror then is ready for packaging and for being delivered to the customer.

Despite the difficulties that Mr. Tariq faces in his project, which include; manufacturing, packaging, delivery, marketing, and design, he is looking forward to turning this project into a prestigious brand and planning to offer new products and items such as medals, statues, paintings, and decorative pieces.

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Although he was a university student, Tariq Salman