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Monument Designs

Monument Designs Story

The monument is the creative, unique, humorous, and outspoken genius within all of us!

We create uniquely-designed notebooks for architects, designers, artists, and creative individuals of all professions, to show their individuality from a new perspective.

Our aim is to inspire people to create amazing things, realize the true monument within them, and do so in their own unique way.

Our notebooks are not only awesome on the outside! Each notebook has 48 pages of smooth wood-free paper perfect for sketching, drawing, inking, and even journaling. Our ultra-matte soft covers are printed in HD resolution color print and finished with highly durable stitched seams.

Monument builds, and it is part of our message to inspire people to reach their fullest potential through pen and paper. Part of our proceeds is donated to schools in underprivileged areas in Jordan and used to fund building libraries for these schools. 

The main challenge we face is getting enough exposure in the Jordanian market as a young brand. Hopefully, through collaborating with Souq Fann this challenge will become an asset that we can use to grow and expand to larger markets.

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The monument is the creative, unique, humorous, an