Mo-Saic Story

Mohamad Al Naqshabandi is a talented mosaic artist and a craftsman who chose to leave his field of study to open the doors welcoming his passion.

How did the journey of “Mo-saic” Start?

Despite his passion, Mohamamd was first working in his field of study which is far away from his ambitions in business administration, and being an accountant differs from being a mosaic artisan!

Every morning and every night, Mohammad’s interest is becoming bigger and wider in mosaics, handicrafts, and painting. That was strong enough to let him get up to take his first steps. 

After nights spent with a lot of hard work, perseverance, and dedicated performance, Mohammad was able to develop his skills and transform mosaic art from a mere hobby he used to master into a formal professional craftsman through which he can generate income.

Challenges faced by “Mo-saic”

Most artisans face alike challenges, especially those which are related to local production. For instance, due to the unfamiliarity with the mosaic arts, there was weak demand for mosaic art pieces. Moreover, the original handmade products are being negatively affected because of the copied ones.

Now, it is time to overcome these difficulties thanks to the mentorship Mohammad took with Souq Fann. 

Souq Fann Mentorship and “Mo-saic”

“When I joined the mentorship with Souq Fann platform to develop my craft skills, I learned several things, most notably coming up with new ideas for work” - - - -Mohammad.

This mentorship was great enough to make Mohammad gain many things that can be summed up in developing ideas, introducing new products that would satisfy the market and customers' desires, in addition to creating new marketing methods. All these matters were not addressed by Mohammad before the mentorship.

From this moment, Souq Fann is proud to help Mohammad overcome the obstacles of e-marketing, as well as provide delivery service on a larger scale than before, and Souq Fann opens the window for its users to look at Mo-saic products and more diverse products.

The art and history of Mosaic are not restricted to a particular age. For this reason, the “Mo-saic” store’s main ambition relies on seeing a mosaic product that adds a glamorous touch to every Jordanian home decor as a means of expressing culture besides heritage!

 At “Mo-saic”, you can find these decorative pieces in high quality and at reasonable prices, browse their products!

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Mohamad Al Naqshabandi is a talented mosaic artist