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Worood Awad is a mother of two kids and an early trainer to kids around the world!

Worood Awad is not only a mother who takes care of her children, but she is also a caregiver for all the kids around the world as she is gladly an expert in early education and a kindergarten trainer who follows nontraditional and interactive means of acquisition.

Through her dedication and hard work in her life generally and in one of the most high ranked early learning centers in the Arab Region, Worood now features an extensive experience in the field of early education as being a mother, coach, and trainer who seeks to provide best learning interactive practices for her kids and your kids as well in order to be able to speak their mother tongue in the Arab World.

Here comes the time for Worood to seize the opportunity, as a result, “Mini  Chats” is her interactional group that aims to enrich kids with enjoyable methods to acquire and learn the most important language skills through body exercises!

First Steps of “Mini Chats” Journey

Worood has recognized that learning the basic skills of your mother tongue such as letters is very important since childhood when her baby girl faced her first obstacle to communicating in Arabic!

Wherefore, in a society full of different cultures that speak more than one language, you have to get your children drawn up to use their mother tongue with colleagues without any hesitation. If their mother tongue was not used in their daily lives, when are they going to use it then?

When Worood went back here to Jordan, she has taken the decision of dedicating her time to more hard work and focusing on her group “Mini Chats” to empower the Arabic tongue for all Arab kids, especially who are aged between 3 and 5  years.

For these reasons,  you can see her product “Letters Yoga” on our framework. With us, your child can learn the letters of their names and any other letters through some yoga exercise.

A lot of families expressed the positive result they see notably when they saw their kids know the letters very well. Not only that, but they also started to have the skills of distinguishing between every shape and sound of each letter!

Wood holds a message for you, her group is inspired by the real love she has in her heart for your children and her willingness to teach them differently.

If you want to develop Arabic language and physical skills for your children at the same time, no doubt, “Letters Yoga” is the best way to do so. Browse it on Souq Fann now!

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Worood Awad is a mother of two kids and an early t