Milano Bazaar

Milano Bazaar

Milano Bazaar Story

Near Al Hussain Mosque and down the main road leading towards the famous AL Moez Street in Cairo, you will find Milano Bazaar, a small shop with a long aisle that makes it look like an old town that dazzles you with its bright shimmering yellow copper, carefully polished and refined. At first, and right at the door, the copperware will compete to catch you first, a competition that everyone wins they will find you the Islamic motifs perfectly drawn on trays, pots, and little cups, after that, comes the architecture motifs perfectly engraved in large trays.

Anwar Tawfeeq started this place in the seventies, last century, and for over forty years now, the family runs the place. Right now the manager is Mr. Kamal Anwar Tawfeeq the son, who is working along with his family in their grandfather’s place to keep the family’s heritage. 

Now, things have changed for Milano Bazaar just like how it is for all of old Cairo, now as tourism, which once was the main source of income, is no longer as good as it used to be, people in the area are finding a hard time to keep their work, especially those who work with antiques and metals, as the raw materials and the craftsmen are highly-priced, which led to a shortage in the market while trying to make up for it with the internal tourism and special avenues.

But in the end, we hope things get better for Cairo and the Egyptian people. 

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Near Al Hussain Mosque and down the main road lead