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MiMa Handicrafts

MiMa Handicrafts Story

Although she majored in Computer Science, Mrs. Maha Alakhal's career took her on a different path; which is that of Business Incubators Management, where she specialized in helping small and medium enterprises to grow and develop their businesses.

Her work in this field must have drawn a road map to her future profession. After she retired from her job, she decided to start her own her business named "MiMa Handicrafts", which is mainly based on training women in marginalized areas, empowering them through the handicrafts field, and helping them run their projects.

Through this project, and thanks to her great passion for handicrafts, Mrs. Maha designed fashion pieces, accessories, and wooden home decor in modern designs embellished with the most beautiful traditional embroidery patterns.

Using high-quality silk threads, cotton threads, beads, wood, and pieces embroidered by hand or machine, MiMa Handicrafts offers a wide range of fashion items, accessories, wooden home decor, crochet, ceramic, and other beautifully handcrafted pieces.

The production process of any item in “MiMa Handicrafts” takes from a week to ten days and starts with the idea, design drawing, purchasing the raw materials, detailing, sewing, final finishing, and then packaging.

Check out MiMa Handicrafts’ products that were made with lots of love, now available only at Souq Fann!

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Although she majored in Computer Science, Mrs. Mah