Mesk Embroidery

Mesk Embroidery

Mesk Embroidery Story

To revive the Palestinian heritage and remind the upcoming generations and educate them about their identity and traditions, Mrs. Ola Ali Ibrahim decided to establish her project “Mesk Embroidery” to provide the most beautiful pieces embellished with Palestinian embroidery patterns.

Mrs. Ola chose “Mesk Embroidery” as a name for her project after her husband’s village “Meska” in Tulkarm District, as he was one of her supporters throughout her career.

"Mesk Embroidery" offers a variety of pieces inspired by the Palestinian heritage from pillows, clothes, wall decor, trays, etc using silk threads (DMC) and fabrics of all kinds, in addition to wood in some pieces such as wall decorations.

Depending on the type of piece and the amount of embroidery that goes into it, the clothes production process begins with embroidery, sewing, then decorating or adding accessories. As for the wooden pieces, cutting the wood goes first, then adding the embroidery on them.

With her persistence in delivering her message and the kind support from her family members and friends, Mrs. Ola wants to continue her career in this field and introduce a new and diverse range of products including; furniture pieces (chairs/ tables) and embroidery on clothes (jackets/ pants).

Handmade pieces beautifully adorned with embroidery patterns inspired by the Palestinian heritage are available now in the “Mesk Embroidery” shop on Souq Fann!

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To revive the Palestinian heritage and remind the